I would like to start by saying thank you to The Law Offices of Patricia M. Corrales for all the help they have provided to me and my family throughout the past 8 years. When I first met Patricia Corrales I was confused by her hitting the ground running approach. Patricia humbly introduced herself and immediately began to offer advice related to my DACA case as the program had recently been launched. I felt confident following her advice and to my surprise my DACA was approved shortly after. Patricia Corrales is an extremely dedicated attorney, Ms. Corrales is very talented and very skilled. The Law Offices of Patricia M. Corrales have been involved in a very complicated case for one of my immediate relatives. This particular individual was detained before Ms. Corrales was able to address the case. We had visited several private and non-profit attorneys including several recommended by the consulate, they all yielded to the same result; nonsense! Patricia Corrales was able to get this individual out of detainment and continues to fight for their case. I have never seen an attorney brainstorm the way she does, Ms. Corrales will explore all possibilities and will be able to set realistic expectations. If Ms. Corrales is unable to help, she will be very honest and will not waste your time or money. This particular quality is very hard to find in anybody nowadays as most people running a business will try to generate revenue for set business. Ms. Corrales is not there to play games, she will simply review your situation, let you know the best course of action and get to work pending your approval. Ms. Corrales has a very impressive resume which comprises lots of experience. Ms. Corrales is currently helping my mother with a sensitive case and I am happy to announce that she was able to successfully apply and get my father approved for his permanent residence. Ms. Corrales was there every step of the way and we could not be happier with her results. You can see my father’s picture in her Instagram feed. I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring competent legal representation with criminal and especially immigration cases. I strongly urge you to schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Patricia M. Corrales if you are in need of these services. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Once again, thank you and all the staff at the office for everything you do for the immigrant community.

~Manuel Sandoval