Associate Attorney

Maria Campagna assists our office with legal research and writing.
After practicing law in New York and Ohio for many years as a
judicial law clerk and litigation associate, Maria now uses her
skills to support our extensive motion practice and to help
prepare written briefs and court submissions.


Legal Assistant

I have over twelve years of extensive administrative
experience in working with government entities as a
Project Coordinator. I speak and write fluent English and
Spanish. My areas of expertise include file management,
legal documentation and project management.


Legal Assistant

I joined the Law Office of Patricia M. Corrales in 2017, it
has been a tremendous growth experience. I am the lead
paralegal. I am currently attending college pursuing two
different majors. Working with Ms. Corrales has taught me
volumes about the law and and has given me direction in
the path I want to follow in my professional career.
I speak and write fluently in English and Spanish.

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